CRI has several years of experience handling medical events

Medical Event Management - Ground Ambulance Response

At the heart of our corporate solutions offering is Medical Event Management. Under this offering, our team of highly trained medical personnel manage a medical incident from its inception, through the delivery of preliminary medical care, transportation to an appropriate well-equipped medical facility, and continued follow up until discharge from the medical facility. You call CRI, and we take over. It includes utilizing our network of basic and advanced life support ambulances, medical facilities and hospitals, as well as fixed and rotary wing aircraft to respond to your needs. Once you call CRI, our first-line call takers of nurses and physicians will evaluate your need and put a plan into action by initiating a medical assessment, dispatching appropriate assets to your need, and ensuring that any third-party hospital is providing the most appropriate care for your condition after transport.

CRI doesn't just provide incident management; we also endeavour to help prevent incidents from occurring. CRI will provide remote or onsite location review to ensure that your company is providing the necessary duty of care to your employees, and make recommendations on how to better prepare for any medical event. We'll also review the locations surrounding medical infrastructure, to audit and provide recommendations on the most appropriate medical facility for initial or tertiary care, as well as make any recommendations for onsite personnel. We'll draft a Medical Event Management Plan for your corporation, to ensure that your staff knows exactly what to do when an emergency occurs.

Our ground ambulances are available as a dedicated service, or for response from our response stations throughout Lagos. Access to domestic and international fixed and rotary wing air ambulance services are available through an additional Access Fee.