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Critical Rescue International Limited is a medical service company established in 2001 and headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. The Company started as Emergency Medical Response Services and expanded into primary healthcare comprised of it's own clinics, remote location clinics run on behalf of its corporate clients and home care services made up of physical visits and a telemedicine service. It also runs occupational healthcare and wellness health assessment services.

By leveraging technological advances and data analytics, CRI provides a host of healthcare products that are customer-centric and wellness-oriented. Our corporate clients operate in different sectors including oil and gas, manufacturing, telecommunications, maritime, and education sectors. Our individual and family clients benefit from our expertise in primary healthcare, telemedicine, health information, critical medical response and health evacuation services.

At the core of our services, our 24/7 Medical Assistance Call Centre coordinates all of our client's medical requirements.

CRI has established referral partnerships with Pre-Audited Secondary and Tertiary Medical Facilities, Care Facilities, Diagnostic Centers, Specialist Consultants and Ancillary Medical Service Providers both within Nigeria and internationally.

We are building an integrated healthcare ecosystem that caters for every medical requirement.

Our nurses, doctors and support staff are highly trained and professional, leveraging technology to provide world class services to the Nigerian market.

Core Values

cricare is an organization that is propagating a culture of compassion in its people, process, and solutions. This will be driven by their corporate core values which include - Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, Teamwork, Customer Service Focused & Compassion.

Excellence: For us at cricare, excellence is at the core of who we are and the quality of service we deliver. We recognize that our customers depend on our knowledge and expertise and as such, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile to ensure that we consistently deliver great value to them across every touch point.

Integrity: We maintain strong moral principles, such as honesty, fairness, and honor. Therefore, we view integrity as a core value and also as a commitment. Our customer’s trust in us is a responsibility we are honored with and we work every day to ensure that this trust is earned.

Innovation: The world is changing every day, and innovation is at the center of that transformation, we are constantly challenging ourselves to do things better, faster, and safer. This starts from our doctors to the technicians and to the customer service team. We believe in providing our customers with the best service.

Customer Service-Focused: We are nothing without our customers, they are a priority at cricare. We work hard to ensure our customers’ needs are met by delivering quality service to them, we achieve this by ensuring we respond adequately, resolving any issues or queries they may have.

Compassion: We are a caring company that recognizes the unique issues faced by our customers and will provide support with kindness and empathy. We honor our word and choose candor, respect, and kindness always. We hire and partner with exceptional people and organizations and we trust them to always do the right thing.

Teamwork: cricare comprises amazing individuals, but it’s only through teamwork that we achieve greatness. We understand that our customers receive more thorough care when team members and departments collaborate, knowing they are part of a team looking after every individual. The strength of our team does not only lie in our combined experience and expertise but our ability to trust each other.


We deliver quality health and wellness services that are accessible, reliable and transparent using cutting-edge technology, advanced equipment and strong collaborations.


We envision a world where quality healthcare and wellness services are accessible to all.

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