Medical Assistance

Critical care facilitation to 3rd party critical care providers

  • Ambulance
  • Ground
  • Air

Our Medical Assistance services to our subscribed client are dedicated to providing prompt, high-quality medical care to individuals in need.

When you call our medical assistance service, a team of trained dispatchers will answer your call and gather information about your location and the nature of your emergency. We will then dispatch the nearest available ambulance to your location, along with any necessary additional resources, such as specialized equipment or additional medical personnel.

Once the ambulance arrives, the team of paramedics and EMTs will assess the patient's condition and provide the necessary medical care. This may include administering oxygen, performing CPR, providing medications, or other life-saving interventions. The ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, including defibrillators, oxygen tanks, and medications, to support the delivery of high-quality care.

If necessary, the paramedics and EMTs also transport the patient to the nearest hospital or medical facility for further care. We work closely with hospitals and other healthcare providers to ensure that the patient receives the most appropriate care for their condition.

In addition to providing emergency medical care, the ambulance service also offers non-emergency transportation services. This may include transporting patients to and from medical appointments, or providing transportation for individuals who are unable to use public transportation due to a medical condition.

The ambulatory service is committed to providing prompt, high-quality medical care to individuals in need. Whether you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency or require non-emergency transportation, our team of trained paramedics and EMTs are here to help.

Non Critical care facilitation to 3rd party specialists to other care providers

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This is a service that helps patient’s find the right healthcare provider for their needs. This type of service is often provided by hospitals, primary care clinics, and other healthcare organizations, and can be a valuable resource for patients who are looking for a specialist or other healthcare providers who can address their specific medical concerns.

We offer a range of services to help patients find the right healthcare provider for their needs. This may include providing information about different types of specialists, such as cardiologists, neurologists, and oncologists, and helping individuals understand what type of provider may be best suited to their specific medical condition or concern. These healthcare providers are provided to us by insurance companies therefore making sure that your consultation is covered.

We also offer assistance with scheduling appointments with healthcare providers. Our team of referral specialists can help patients find providers who are accepting new patients, and can provide assistance with making appointments, as well as information about insurance coverage and other logistical details.

In addition to providing assistance with finding and scheduling appointments with healthcare providers, our service also offers support and guidance throughout the referral process. This may include providing information about what to expect during the appointment, as well as follow-up care and treatment options.

Our medical referral service is designed to help individuals find the right healthcare provider for their needs. Through a combination of information, assistance with scheduling appointments, and ongoing support and guidance, we can help individuals access the care they need to manage their health and wellbeing.

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